Muzik Educational

An Essential part of the work of Muzík Ensemble is educational.  The contact of the youth with music, not only stimulates their cognitive ability but it also gives them the chance to extend their knowledge, develop their sensitivity towards art in general, and ultimately to be more able and independent within their environment.  This activity is carried out mainly in schools, hospitals, music halls and spaces that allow the necessary contact between the artists and the audience.




In the musical tale, Guille is a child like any other. He loves football and plays in the park with his friends. One day, for the first time in his life, he listens to an orchestra that is on tour in his village. That experience awakens in him a deep curiosity that leads him to make the decision to learn to play the violin. What Guille can’t imagine, is that the world of music can be far more complicated than it initially seems. Guille must face unexpected challenges and overcome trials, which in the end will make up his personality and will give him a sense of responsibility and love for his work


All this will be done within the framework of live music, and a dose of humour.  Guille´s audience, will not only enjoy a fun show for children and adults alike, but will also get to know, first-hand, the instruments that form the string section in a symphony orchestra, by listening to each instrument individually and as an ensemble.  Works by Mozart Bach, Beethoven, Falla, Saint-Saëns, Haydn, Bartók and other great composers will be played in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere, which will enrich their knowledge of music.


Aprox. Duration: 45 minutes.



Telef: +34 665 247 788